Hello,every one.   I'd like to start with a discussion of process and COVID-19  I wrote about this in several previous newsletters and am wondering what you think.  My argument was that  it would be inappropriate to blame the pandemic on God or to expect God could have prevented it.  I also argued stay-at-home and social distancing were uncomfortable for all persons because these restrictions  threaten  the fundamental social-relational nature of our being.  In addition, I argued the virus is best depicted in human terms as analogous to a foreign invader.  I am wondering about your thoughts.
 Hello,Everyone, I'd like to get to know each of you, so you please tell me a bit about yourself and process.  What would  you like to discuss in our process blog?I'm open for suggestions. I just want  to make sure the blog will be helpful and interesting to you.


Welcome to our online process-theology discussion group.  For those of you who are new, I am Dr. Blair Reynolds.  I am a process theologian and also a theologian-in-residence for our congregation. This blog grew out of my monthly column for the newsletter.  The goal is a more integrative dialogue on process.  I will discuss on line with you the questions and comments you submit and then present a monthly synopsis in the newsletter.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with process theology, it is a major movement in contemporary theology.  Primarily it is concerned with giving the doctrine of God a major facelift.  Traditionally, God was viewed as static and aloof, the Unmoved Mover.  In process, God is the Most Moved Mover.  God and the universe are mutually interdependent.  God grows as the world goes, you might say.  Most importantly is the notion that God does coerce us along.  God is not a Cosmic Dictator. God is Cosmic artist, luring creatures  along by visions of greater beauty